The Mistress Files

4. Famine

August 15, 2020 Dramatically Dapper Season 1 Episode 4
The Mistress Files
4. Famine
Show Notes Transcript

Information regarding the Horseman Pestilence has sparked numerous Internal Affairs investigations within O.A.S.I.S. HQ. Awaiting intel on the Horseman Famine and other operatives. 35 minutes remain before surveillance is resumed.
Episode Performed By: Kayla Valderas as The Mistress and Vivian Morrow, Conner Goff as Agent Embar, JD as War, Kathryn Stanley as Pestilence, Moosedup Productions as Famine, Josh Wells Voices as Young Zeke Cohen, James Duncan as Sheriff Bartley, Hitsosticky as Mrs. Bartley, and Taylor Jay as the ER Nurse. - 
Written by Alexander Liddel. - 
Produced, Directed, Edited, and Sound Design by Kathryn Stanley. - 
Tanzania ambiance is from the video "Lake Natron in Tanzania" by Marc Szeglat.

SFX Note  0:00  

[Scene 1: Clock ticking in the background of the interrogation room.]


Agent Embar  0:03  

(exhales) One second...


The Mistress  0:05  

Oh, Agent Embar, you're looking a little green around the gills. Do you think I went a little too far? 


Agent Embar  0:13  



The Mistress  0:14  

Are you sure?


Agent Embar  0:17  

Well, maybe but it's in the past. Now. That was quite detailed, though. Like you were trying to elicit a reaction from me.


The Mistress  0:25  

(soft chuckle) I'll never tell.


Agent Embar  0:28  

(clears throat) So what happened after that? Must have taken quite a while for Pestilence to get back into fighting shape. And last I saw of her, she was literally doing parkour off a building.


The Mistress  0:40  

(huff) Yeah, she's a fucking show off, I swear! She knows full well I can't do that and she purposely flaunts her ability.


Agent Embar  0:47  

Okay, but back to the point. That seems improbable. By your timeframe, she'd barely be able to run, let alone leap. 


The Mistress  0:57  

Well, it is as I told you, magic juice. That formula repaired the cauterized cartilage, bone, and sinew in well under six months, and with how stubborn she is, Emilia powered through physical therapy, making my stay in Russia to.. just over 13 months. And God damn, was I happy to leave that place.


SFX Note  1:22  

[Scene 1 transitions to The Past. Scene 2: Pestilence is moving around the cabin, packing bags. Vivian watches her.]


Pestilence  1:22  

(muttering) Can't forget this... no no... I can't seem to find- (groan, still muttering) Bollocks it all! Fuck.


Vivian Morrow  1:30  

Are you ready to go now?


Pestilence  1:31  

Yeah, yeah. No need to rush me, pipsqueak. It is kind of your fault we had to stay here for so long. Just saying. 

[Concussion Gun powers up.] 

No need to be hasty! I was only kidding! 

[Vivan hums and powers the gun down.] 

(relieved exhale) Jumping Jack Christ, take a joke! Where the hell is that blockhead War, anyway? It's not even 6 A.M. yet.


Vivian Morrow  1:51  

He said he had to run back into town.


Pestilence  1:54  

Oh, I see, you let him run off whenever he wants to.


Vivian Morrow  1:58  

Yeah, because I don't care if he gets shot.


Pestilence  2:00  

(disbelieving) Really?


Vivian Morrow  2:03  

No. I can just trust him to return when I have his stuff. Now you said you had a plan to get us out of this place? Is it like a bunch of fake passports or something?


Pestilence  2:13  

Blech, no. Why would I waste my talents on such peasants?

[Concussion Gun powers up again.]

(panicked) I meant the airport! Please God don't shoot me again!


Vivian Morrow  2:16  

[Gun powers down again.] 

(amused) Just want to make sure you're on your toes. 


Pestilence  2:23  

Bloody Nora. I know not to insult the people with the guns! No shootie. So, as I was saying, it's not worth using such methods on the airport staff, and I doubt you want to fly with the mouth breathers anymore.


Vivian Morrow  2:36  

So what are you getting at?


Pestilence  2:38  

Well, when War returns-


SFX Note  2:40

[Front door bangs open. The winter wind can be heard.]


War  2:40  

God dammit I hate snow! Stupid cold! Latinx people were not built for this place.


Pestilence  2:47  

Oh, look there he is. Let's get this show on the road. Come on. (Claps twice) Chop chop!


Vivian Morrow  2:50  

Where are we going?


Pestilence  2:52  

Eh, Not too far. It's just in the next clearing behind the cottage. Grab your things, we leave now.


SFX Note  2:56  

[They exit. Pestilence is locks up the cabin. The conversation continues as they walk through the snow.]


Vivian Morrow  3:02  

How was your trip into town?


War  3:04  

Ah, good enough. Dropped off some last-minute deliveries. Was able to procure some extra information on where we need to go next.


SFX Note  3:13

[Entering the clearing.]


Pestilence  3:13  

Here it is.


War  3:15  

What the hell, Colins?!


Vivian Morrow  3:17  

Is that a plane?


Pestilence  3:18  



War  3:19  

That's a Tupolev Tu-144. Where the hell did you get a Tupolev?


Pestilence  3:24  

Someone owed me a favor, didn't pay said favor back.


War  3:28  

And you stole his plane?


Pestilence  3:30  

No-o. (smiles) I took him to the authorities and used the bounty to buy it.


Vivian Morrow  3:35  

Hm. It looks nice.


SFX Note  3:37

[Unlocks the plane as she talks. The metal staircase descends.]


Pestilence  3:37  

It's a luxury jet that I had fitted with enough amenities to suit myself and now you as well. Wi-Fi, mini fridge, several LCD TVs, a fully fitted kitchen, multiple sleeping quarters, my excess lab equipment if I ever needed to run...


War  3:51  

(impressed) You also fitted it with VTOL engines, I see.


Pestilence  3:54  

Oh that? (dismissively) Yeah, that's just some do-hickey thing that makes the plane go somewhere. S'not important.


SFX Note  4:00  

[They walk up the plane steps.]


War  4:00  

(enraged sputtering) I swear. 


Pestilence  4:02  



War  4:03  

¡Pinche puta! [Spanish: Fucking bitch!] You'll pay for this.


Pestilence  4:06  



Vivian Morrow  4:07  

Do we have a pilot?


War + Pestilence  4:09  



Vivian Morrow  4:10  

Riiiiight. War, you fly. I'd like to survive a little longer.


Pestilence  4:16  

Wha- What the-?! But but it's my aeroplane!


Vivian Morrow  4:19  

And War has such a hard on for it, I guarantee he'd probably cry if he scratches it.


War  4:24  

I just appreciate things like this. We should make our move now, before the town wakes up. 


SFX Note  4:30

[The plane door closes and seals.]


Vivian Morrow  4:31  

Where's the runway?


Pestilence  4:33  

VTOL engines allow for vertical takeoff and landing - hence the name. This clearing is wide enough to take off, just as long as we get high enough above the tree line before shooting forwards. 


War  4:42  

I know how to fly. 


Pestilence  4:44  

(singsong) I never said you couldn't~


Vivian Morrow  4:46  

Children! Quit squabbling and get to your positions.


War  4:49  



Pestilence  4:50  

Yeah. All right, pipsqueak.


SFX Note  4:53

[The engines of the plane begin to power up.]


Pestilence  4:57  

So, where are we-


SFX Note  4:59  

[Pestilence yelps as a large, distant explosion is heard.]


Pestilence  5:01  

What the hell was that noise??


Vivian Morrow  5:02  

(yawns) You tell her, War. I'm tired.


War  5:07  

Those "deliveries" I made this morning were many pounds of C-2 explosives, placed at strategic positions. Which should hopefully prevent those make-believe FSB agents from continuing anytime soon.


Pestilence  5:19  

And how long will that be?


War  5:21  

Indefinitely. I maaay have accidentally used way too much on certain houses. But luckily, the regular villagers were not harmed.


Pestilence  5:31  

(clears her throat uncomfortably)


War  5:33  

 I told you, you'd pay for this. Now say those magic words.


Pestilence  5:38  

(sigh) Thank you, Rodrigo.


(turning to Vivian) So. Where did you say we were heading now?


Vivian Morrow  5:45  

We're flying to Africa.


SFX Note  5:47  

[Scene 2 fades out. Scene 3: Clock ticking fades in as scene transitions to The Present.]


Agent Embar  5:49  



The Mistress  5:50  

(chuckles) I know, right? Who would have thought the one place we'd find Famine was in the-


Agent Embar  5:56  

Don't say it.


The Mistress  5:58  

(mock hurt) You wound me. I was going to say the heart of the savannah.


Agent Embar  6:04  

Where in Africa did you go?


The Mistress  6:06  

Oh, all over the place. Egypt, Zimbabwe, Niger. A couple of days in Madagascar. It took us three weeks to find Famine. Three weeks. Do you know how much fuel we had to steal to keep looking for him?


Agent Embar  6:24  

 I can guess.


The Mistress  6:26  

It was mainly from warlords, but still. (sigh) We've finally pinned him down in Tanzania, which was great, because Pestilence was getting antsy.


SFX Note  6:39  

[Scene 3 transitions to The Past. Scene 4: There is the sound of the plane as it flies through the air.]


War  6:41  

We'll be landing soon. There should be a flat area close to our destination that I can park it. 


Vivian Morrow  6:46  

Thanks, War. Hopefully Famine is still there.


Pestilence  6:49  

You know, pipsqueak, you never told me who this Famine bloke is.


Vivian Morrow  6:53  

Well, that's because it's my business. (slight pause) His name is Max Abendroth.


Pestilence  6:59  

I'm sorry, could you repeat that? I must have had my ears blocked because I could swear you just said something wrong.


Vivian Morrow  7:06  

Max Abendroth. Used to work for the CIA, EPA and the NSA for some reason.


Pestilence  7:12  

Yeah, yeah. Mhm. That's, that's what I thought. (sharply) Why the bloody hell did you choose that insufferable arsehole?


Vivian Morrow  7:17  

I have my reasons. 


Pestilence  7:19  

But he's so... robotic. That guy is an absolute bore who has never done anything good for this planet in his life.


War  7:28  

Except develop a formula that you stole and knocked off that helped you heal your destroyed limbs.


Pestilence  7:34  

(slow inhale) Point, but still I ask: What use would you have for him?


SFX Note  7:43

[The plane begins its descent as Vivian speaks next.]


Vivian Morrow  7:43  

(softly, dangerous) Emilia.


Don't question my decisions, ever. I made my decisions based on my requirements. And I'd hate to have to redo all my planning just to find another Horseman. 


Pestilence  7:56  

... Do you mean Famine, or me? 


Vivian Morrow  7:59  

We both know who I mean.


Pestilence  8:00  

(sighs, begrudgingly) ... I apologize.


War  8:03  

Ladies and gentlemen, we've just arrived at our destination of Butt-Frick Nowhere, Tanzania, where the local time is Who-The-Hell-Cares-o'clock. We here in the crew would like to thank you for choosing to fly Air Horseman and hope you don't get bitten by a rabid monkey.


Vivian Morrow  8:16  



Pestilence  8:16  

How long have you been preparing that spiel for?


War  8:19  

Since Cairo.


Vivian Morrow  8:20  

I thought it was funny. He reminded me of... (trails off)


War  8:24  



Vivian Morrow  8:25  

Nothing. Probably better times. This is besides the point; we need to move.


SFX Note  8:31  

[The plane door unlocks and the stairs descend. Vivian and Pestilence stare out the door briefly. The sounds of flamingos and the lake can be heard. War looks out the opposite window.]


Vivian Morrow  8:36  

Do you see anything?


Pestilence  8:38  

Yep, it looks like a wasteland. Are you sure he'd be here?


Vivian Morrow  8:41  

(huff) The information was solid. Do you think he found out and got spooked?


War  8:47  

Hey, kid?


Vivian Morrow  8:48  

(frustrated sigh) Not the time, War.


War  8:50  

I am serious here. 


Vivian Morrow  8:52  

I am too! 


War  8:53  



Vivian Morrow  8:54  



War  8:55  

Max is standing on the other side of the plane. I can see him through the window, looking at me.

(a beat)

He is waving at me.


SFX Note  8:56

[Vivian walks over to look.]


Vivian Morrow  9:05  

Is that him, Pestilence?


Pestilence  9:07  

Yes, that would be Max.


Vivian Morrow  9:09  

Okay. Give me a minute here.


SFX Note  9:13  

[Pestilence flops into a nearby chair with a huff. Vivian starts to descend the stairs, but pauses.]


Vivian Morrow  9:15  

Also, I apologize, War. That was wrong of me to lose my cool.


War  9:20  

No te preocupes. [Spanish: Don't worry.]


SFX Note  9:20  

[Vivian descends the steps. The crunching of gravel underfoot can be heard as she walks over to Max.]


Vivian Morrow  9:31  

Max Abendroth?


Famine  9:33  

That would be me, yes. I assume you're my 3:30?


Vivian Morrow  9:38  

Yes. Thank you for seeing me.


Famine  9:40  

It was only polite. You did make an appointment, despite that website no longer being in use.


Vivian Morrow  9:46  

It was worth the chance. My name is-


Famine  9:48  

Vivian Morrow. Yes. I know.


Vivian Morrow  9:51  

You did your research.


Famine  9:53  

... It was on the appointment card? But I have been keeping tabs on your exploits ever since that fateful bank robbery one year and three months ago. You have been keeping busy, young lady.


Vivian Morrow  10:05  

I’ve tried to. I don't know how long I have to find some people, and you have been one person it has been hard to pin down.


Famine  10:14  

Is that what you plan to do if I decline your offer?


Vivian Morrow  10:18  

You knew about my purpose of coming here today, I see.


Famine  10:21  

Of course. You foil a bank robbery in Argentina, and the world's leading weapons engineer disappears. Monster bear attacks pick up and then drop back off again in Russia, and out of hiding comes a chemistry savant. And then, I received an email from a website I created back when I was working for the CIA to prevent people from just walking into my office. "Miss Vivian Morrow has booked an appointment." I was intrigued. I will need a ride back into Nairobi so I can gather my belongings. 


SFX Note  10:50

[Famine starts walking back to the plane.]


Vivian Morrow  10:53  



SFX Note  10:53

[After a pause, Vivian follows.]


Famine  10:54  

Yes. I assume I need them if I'm to come with you.


Vivian Morrow  10:57  

So you're going to join me? Just like that? 


Famine  11:02  



Vivian Morrow  11:03  

But... Why?


SFX Note  11:04

[Vivian and Famine stop walking.]


Famine  11:05  

There are three initial outcomes for a situation. Yes, no, and unknown. I can say yes, join you and see where that leads. I can say no; you either accept that, or you threaten me and it ends up in a firefight, to which I'm probably out match considering your companions. Unknown is basically the variables where I cannot answer either way as something comes in between. Doing the math on the choices, I felt that yes was a more interesting answer. I've seen enough in the past year to know where your morals lie. And I feel that I need to see where that ends you up.


Vivian Morrow  11:42  

You're going to be okay with taking this world for what it's worth? To bring true change in such a toxic environment?


Famine  11:50  

I disagree with part of that statement.


Vivian Morrow  11:53  



Famine  11:54  

There is nothing truly wrong with a toxic environment, as long as it remains in a balance of ecosystem.


Vivian Morrow  12:01  

I don't follow.


Famine  12:03  

Look at where we are, Miss Morrow. We stand on the edge of Lake Natron.


SFX Note  12:05

[Famine steps closer to the waterline.]


Vivian Morrow  12:08  

It looks like a wasteland. 


Famine  12:10  

But that is because you only see the surface image. Lake Natron is a very special place. Due to various factors including water source, soil quality, yearly rainfall, and average temperatures, this lake can sometimes reach a pH level above 12.


Vivian Morrow  12:27  

That's bad, right?


Famine  12:29  

It's high alkaline, which is akin to straight bleach, which would be bad if we consumed it, yes. 


SFX Note  12:35

[They walk towards the plane again.]


Vivian Morrow  12:35  

So what's your point? 


Famine  12:37  

Life still persists even in such a toxic environment. This lake is a breeding ground for flamingos, as well as an ecosystem for algae, bacteria, and even some fish. 


SFX Note  12:50

[They have neared the plane again as they are speaking, where War and Pestilence are waiting. War is by the door.]


War  12:50  

Life, uh... finds a way. 


Famine  12:51  



War  12:52  

Don't worry. 


Famine  12:53  

I don't get it.


Vivian Morrow  12:55  

(huffs) Ignore him. So what you're saying is that even in a toxic environment, life can continue.


Famine  13:02  



Vivian Morrow  13:03  

But then why come with me if I plan to get rid of the toxicity from the world?


Famine  13:08  

Those are two different things, Miss Morrow. If the toxicity is contained, it is manageable. It thrives. But if it is left to spread, it can only poison the rest of the world. It may look like it's surviving, people feel uncomfortable with it. But it is slowly killing us.


Vivian Morrow  13:25  

If people are becoming well fed and the poison that is spread, we need a Famine to clear it away.


Famine  13:32  

I would have gone with "drought". But that also works. Shall we be off then? 


Vivian Morrow  13:38  

After you, Max. 


[They ascend the steps of the plane.]


Famine  13:43  

It's good to see you again, Emilia.


Pestilence  13:46  



Famine  13:47  


[The plane door shuts and seals.] 

We haven't been formally introduced, but I followed your engineering designs from the later years of your work in Brazil. I was quite impressed.


War  13:55  

Thank you, Abendroth. I also kept tabs on your work and was very amused when I read your thesis on the fall of Sequoia sempervirens. [Pestilence is powering the plane as they speak.]


Famine  14:04  

(a single chuckle) Yes. That was quite a laugh.


SFX Note  14:07  

[Scene 4 fades out. Scene 5 fades back in to later in the flight.]


War  14:14  

How long is this flight going to take? It's like 150 kilometers from the lake to the city.


Pestilence  14:21  

Oh, I'm sorry little baby. It seems I actually need to wait my turn to land at this airport.


War  14:27  

We're gonna be the ones holding the world hostage soon enough. Why are we asking permission to land?


Famine  14:32  

It is the only way to not arouse suspicion as well as get their supplies. I estimate it's going to take me some time to gather my belongings, close down any accounts I no longer require, and deal with other issues that are sure to arise.


War  14:44  



Pestilence  14:44  

(into her headset) Copy that, Flight Tower 147 making sense to Gate 23 via taxiway 3.


SFX Note  14:49  

[The plane lands in the Nairobi airport.]


Pestilence  15:04  

All ashore who's going ashore!


War  15:07  

Really? Pirate ships?


Pestilence  15:08  

Hey, that's at least funny. 


Vivian Morrow  15:10  

Not… really. 


Pestilence  15:13  

(sighs sharply)


Famine  15:13  

I should be back here hopefully by nightfall. Possibly later. Should I do any grocery shopping while I'm out?

[The plane door is opened.] 


Pestilence  15:19  

NO! Dear God, no. Just... get your luggage and get back here.


Famine  15:25  

Understood. Please adjust your calming medication. 


Pestilence  15:29  



Famine  15:30  

Take a chill pill?


Vivian Morrow  15:31  



Famine  15:33  

Thank you. I will see you all soon. 


[He leaves.]


Pestilence  15:41  

(half-muttered) 'Course you laugh at his jokes.


Vivian Morrow  15:43  

What's your deal with him?


Pestilence  15:44  

Nothing! He's just... annoying.


War  15:47  

Bullshit, Colins! You get so angry at the way he holds his fork. It's unbearable.


Pestilence  15:52  

What's that supposed to mean? 


Vivian Morrow  15:54  

You're biting his head off for no reason! (sighs) I need you all to work in sync with each other. None of you are above the other. So I ask again: What's the deal?


Pestilence  16:07  

(pause, then a heavy sigh) Max is a smart guy. Real good if you need something solved, but he's not that adept with... people skills.


Vivian Morrow  16:19  

There isn't anything wrong with that!


Pestilence  16:20  

There is when he takes 25 minutes to choose a sandwich in the cafeteria, or when he holds up the line at the drinks machine because Diet Cola was put above the Cola. He likes structure in order, but in doing so he gets... annoying.


War  16:34  

I assume the two of you worked together in the CIA?


Pestilence  16:37  

Yeah. Heh. I could never have a relaxing lunch with him there. (sigh) Look, I'm sorry. I... I'll do the supply run, yeah? I know what we all want to need, and I know Max's eating habits. Rodrigo, can you deal with the refueling?


War  16:53  

Sure. Leave it to me.


Vivian Morrow  16:55  

Is there anything I should do?


War  16:57  

Take a nap. Don't think I didn't notice you staying awake the past couple of days.


Vivian Morrow  17:01  



War  17:02  

No buts. We're going to be your generals. You need to trust us to do what you need whilst you relax for once. Sleep, kid.


Vivian Morrow  17:10  

Fine, whatever. Wake me when Famine returns.


SFX Note  17:14  

[Scene 5 fades out. Scene 6 fades back in on rain, and Famine coming back up the steps of the plane.]


War  17:21  

Max, what the hell?!


Famine  17:23  



Vivian Morrow  17:24  

(waking up) Wha... What time is it?


Famine  17:26  

It is 10:03 PM, Miss Morrow.


 [Famine closes the plane door.]


Pestilence  17:28  

Don't change the subject! Why are you splattered in blood??


Vivian Morrow  17:31  

Famine is covered in blood?! Are you all right???


Famine  17:34  

I'm fine. I am uninjured.


War  17:37  

Then what's with the blood?


Famine  17:38  

Issues arose.


(distinct silence from the others)


Vivian Morrow  17:42  

Please elaborate. 


SFX Note  17:44  

[Non-diegetic sounds play behind Famine's words, painting the scene. They are purely echoes, and not heard by the characters.]


Famine  17:45  

I had done some work for a local warlord, simple computing and all that. I had to go collect payment before I left. He wasn't happy to do so, but paid me anyway. He also sent a few of his underlings to retrieve the money when I left. They tried to attack me when I was 3.24 miles away, and I had to... (pause) dispatch them, before leaving. Would it be okay for me to take a shower?


Vivian Morrow  18:11  

Please do. Pestilence, get us in the air now. 


[Pestilence hurries to do so.]


War  18:14  

Where to?


Vivian Morrow  18:16  

When I know, you'll know. We just need to leave now.


SFX Note  18:19  

[Scene 6 fades out on the engines powering up. Scene 7 fades in again to their flight. Rain can be heard as they fly.]


War  18:25  

Miss Morrow?


Vivian Morrow  18:26  

(starts) Hm? Sorry, Famine. I was lost in reading reports. What's up?


Famine  18:33  

It is midnight.


Vivian Morrow  18:35  

Okay, thank you for the clock update.


Famine  18:38  

No. I mean, it's midnight. And I didn't know if it was professional to do so, considering I only started working for you less than nine hours ago, but I bought this for you.


SFX Note  18:47  

[A letter is opened. Tinny "Happy Birthday music is heard.] 


Vivian Morrow  18:52  

A... A birthday card?


Famine  18:56  

It is today, correct?


Vivian Morrow  18:57  

... Yeah.


Pestilence  18:59  

Wait, your birthday is today and you never told us?


Vivian Morrow  19:03  

It just sorta slipped my mind.


War  19:05  

But that means... your last one was in Russia. Why didn't you do something then?


Vivian Morrow  19:12  

Well, I did. Sorta.


War  19:15  

No, you didn't.


Vivian Morrow  19:17  

Yeah, I did. Remember how I bought that chocolate cupcake and ate it for dessert?


Pestilence  19:23  

Christ on a bloody cracker, pipsqueak! Please don't tell me that's how you plan to spend... your-?


Vivian Morrow  19:30  



Pestilence  19:31  

(incredulous) You're 21. Okay, I'm serious now. You head to bed, and when you wake up, we're throwing you a proper birthday party.


Vivian Morrow  19:39  

I don't need one. I'm fine.


Pestilence  19:40  

I wasn't asking! You're finally a true adult in all rights and, you need a birthday party to celebrate it. Go to bed. [Concussion Gun powers up.] Go on and shoot me! My last dying breath will be used to make this a happy goddamn birthday for you.


Vivian Morrow  19:55  

Okay, okay. [Gun powers down.] Just don't go overboard.


War  20:00  

Wait, wait! I have something special to give you.


[Zipper sound.]


Pestilence  20:03  

Dear God Rodrigo, keep it in your pants. 


War  20:05  

Ha ha. So funny. 

[He's digging around in his bag. Glasses clinking can be heard.] 

I was saving this bottle of Dos Maderas Luxus says for a special day, and the 21st is quite specia. One drink before you knock out. 

[The cork is popped, and drinks are poured.]


Vivian Morrow  20:18  

(softly) ... You know, it's funny. I never touched a drop of alcohol. Zeke and I said that we... we'd both... (she begins crying)


Famine  20:34  

Usually alcohol starts affecting people after it is consumed, but I think she might be a lightweight to be affected by the fumes.


Pestilence  20:40  

(hissed) She's crying, you asshole. She's upset. (gently) Hey, darling, what's wrong?


Vivian Morrow  20:47  

Can't drink without Zeke. We were supposed to drink together...


Famine  20:54  

What happened to him? 


War  20:55  

Don't just ask her like-


Vivian Morrow  20:56  

It's fine. You all have a right to know.

(a beat)

Zeke was the reason I started all of this. He was my best friend growing up. So much so that we shared a birthday. (soft sigh) It all started when he was running away...


SFX Note  21:20  

["He's running away." echos softly as Scene 7 transitions into the distant past, to a younger Vivian. Scene 8 opens on a bedroom, metal music blaring, drawers quickly opened and shut as knock is heard, and the a door opens.]


Younger Vivian  21:29  

Where do you think you're going?


Zeke Cohen  21:31  

Leaving! Yeah, I think it’s about time that I get out on my own two feet, ya know?


Younger Vivian  21:37  

Zeke, you're 16-year-old with no high school diploma. Who's going to take you in?


Zeke Cohen  21:42  

Hopefully some cute supermodels that are even dumber. 


Younger Vivian  21:47  

Not funny. What will your dad think?


Zeke Cohen  21:50  

Oh, did I show you what he gave me for my birthday last week? It's the newest trend. A brand new black eye, complete with all the accessories!


Younger Vivian  22:03  

Oh, Zeke...


Zeke Cohen  22:04  

I have a plan. Don't worry. I've been saving every dollar I could from my jobs and selling all my stuff! Like all my stuff. Now, I'm going to South America to see the bottom of the world.


Younger Vivian  22:20  

And what after that?


Zeke Cohen  22:22  

(shrugging) I dunno. Mm. Probably take over the world for a day! Seems like a plan to me.


Younger Vivian  22:31  

(laughs) Well, I mean... could this plan include me?


Zeke Cohen  22:35  

(chuckle, then a slight pause) What?


Younger Vivian  22:38  

I'm serious. Can I join you on this world trip?


Zeke Cohen  22:41  


[The music is turned down.]

Why would you want to follow a... a bum like me? When you have so much to look forward to?


Younger Vivian  22:52  

Like what? My real parents didn't want me. I've bounced between five different foster homes. Even the current ones don't like me. I've already learned all I could from school to get me started in this world.


Zeke Cohen  23:05  

(laughs) Yeah, I mean, you're right. When's the last time you asked for directions, and the farmer was like: What you want to do is find the road that veers off down at a 32 degree angle from the fence line for a distance of 4x where x equals the 13th digit of pi.


Younger Vivian  23:24  

(laughs too) But yeah, what do you think?


Zeke Cohen  23:29

(sighs with a smile) Vivi, how can I say no? You're my best friend, my twin from another kin. Let's quickly slip in here house, grab all the valuables, and leggit.


Younger Vivian  23:41

Goddamn right you can't say no! You need me.


Zeke Cohen  23:44  

Damn it- Hey! [He snaps a finger at her.] Just cuz you're correct, doesn't make you right!


SFX Note  23:47  

[Scene 8 fades out from Zeke's bedroom. Scene 9 fades back onto the two of them walking down a lone country road. A train can be heard in the distance.]


Younger Vivian  23:53  

How much further?


Zeke Cohen  23:54  

The bus station is like two more miles. We're almost home free.


Younger Vivian  23:58  

And why couldn't we use the bus station in our town?


Zeke Cohen  24:01  

And get CAUGHT? Heeeeeeeellz nah! No one is going to look for us here. Come on, we'll cross the highway at these lights. Better to be safe than sorry.


Younger Vivian  24:13  

Zeke. I have a bad feeling.


Zeke Cohen  24:16  

Well, that's on you. You're the one that chose to be my best fr-


SFX Note  24:19  

[Zeke's words are cut off by tires squealing. He and Vivian both freeze. There is a scream and a thud as a speeding car hits Zeke dead on.]


[The car, which had driven into a ditch, is revving, trying to back up.]


Younger Vivian  24:25  


[She runs over to him, throwing herself down at his side.]

Zeke, please speak to me! Can you breathe?


Zeke Cohen  24:29  

(soft, pained grunts)


Younger Vivian  24:29  

(yelling to the driver) Please help me! He's still breathing, I need help getting him to the hospital!


SFX Note  24:34  

[The car backs up and speeds off.]


Younger Vivian  24:34  

What the hell are you doing?! COME BACK!!!


Zeke Cohen  24:36  

Urg... Vivi?


SFX Note  24:35  

[Zeke is panting and groaning throughout the rest of Scene 9 and Scene 10.]


Younger Vivian  24:38  

Zeke. It's gonna be okay. W-We're gonna get you to the hospital. Just keep breathing. Okay?


Zeke Cohen  24:44  

That... oh... fricken... hurt...


Younger Vivian  24:51  

Don't talk. Just breathe. I'll have to carry you. 

[Vivian grunts with effort, pulling Zeke somewhat onto her back.]


We'll make it. (pants) I promise you.


SFX Note  25:05  

[The scene fades momentarily, before coming back on Vivian and Zeke stumbling down the road in Scene 10.]


Younger Vivian  25:08  

(panting, half-running) You... still alive... back there?


Zeke Cohen  25:13  

(weak laugh, cough) This is the worst... taxi ride... ever. (chuckles)


Younger Vivian  25:19  

Just- hold on a little more. We're almost there.


Zeke Cohen  25:23  

Vivi... (groans) I'm... sorry.


Younger Vivian  25:30  

It's not your fault. (darkly) You weren't the driver.


Zeke Cohen  25:35  

(half-laugh) No. I'm sorry. I think I soiled myself...



(they both laugh, Zeke weakly and Vivian exhausted)


Younger Vivian  25:45  

It's- it's gonna be okay. I'll get you a sexy nurse to clean it up. (Zeke mumbles incoherently) Just a little more. Just hold out.


(relieved) Look, it's the hospital! Zeke, we made it! We made it!


Zeke Cohen  26:08  

S... sor... sorry.... (trails off)


Younger Vivian  26:10  

Zeke? Wake up. Talk to me!


Zeke Cohen  26:13  



Younger Vivian  26:13  

Oh god… Please no.. Not now… Not when we’ve made it so far…


SFX Note  26:20  

[Vivian starts running, straight through the door to the Emergency Room.]


Vivian Morrow  26:29  

Please! Someone help me… My brother was hit!


ER Staff  26:30  

(several orderlies' voices overlap, their words overlapping and indistinct)


ER Nurse  26:30  

(into phone) We need a crash cart out here immediately! We have an adolescent male with multiple contusions and lacerations, non-responsive.


Younger Vivian  26:33  

(sobbing) Please… Please save him…


ER Nurse  26:41  

We will try, Miss. Please remain here.


SFX Note  26:44  

[Scene 10 fades out. Scene 11 fades back in to a quiet waiting room, a clock ticking in the background.]


ER Nurse  26:49  

Miss Morrow?


Younger Vivian  26:50  

Yes!! Is everything okay??


ER Nurse  26:52  

... Please take a seat.


Younger Vivian  26:55  

Oh god.. (muffled through her hands) Please… please no… (sobbing)


ER Nurse  26:59  

I am sorry, Miss Morrow. His injuries were too extensive. We tried to work on him as best as we could, but were unsuccessful. If he were here earlier, we might have had a better chance, but he was too far gone.


Younger Vivian  27:16  



ER Nurse  27:17  

I am. So sorry for your loss. I know this is a hard time. But we have a little bit of paperwork that needs to be filled out... Do you think you can do that?


Younger Vivian  27:30  

(softly, thickly) ... yeah...


ER Nurse  27:31  

I'll be right back.


SFX Note  27:32  

[The doors to the ER open, and two people walk in. They are close enough for Vivian to overhear them, but they pay her no mind.]


ER Nurse  27:34  

Oh! Sheriff Bartley! What happened to you?


Sheriff Bartley  27:37  

(charmingly) Oh, wouldn't you know it? I was driving my patrol truck back home when I... musta hit a deer out near the highway. Think I hit my head on the steering wheel. Cut it real good.


ER Nurse  27:48  

That's not good. Did you come here straight away?


Mrs. Bartley  27:51  

Oh, no. He was so close to home, and I was so worried he'd have a concussion. I drove him here instead.


ER Nurse  27:58  

That's good, Mrs. Bartley. Did you... ah.. I can smell some alcohol so, I don't want to assume-


Sheriff Bartley  28:07  

(sheepishly) I was a little bad. Had a couple fingers of bourbon for the pain when I got home.


ER Nurse  28:13  

All good. I'll get the doctor to look at you as soon as possible.


Sheriff Bartley  28:16  

Thank you, darlin'. 


[The nurse walks away.]


Mrs. Bartley  28:18  

(hisses) Traveling drunk like that! You better not get caught.


Sheriff Bartley  28:22  

(growls, tone completely different) As long as you shut your damn mouth, no one will know. They'll believe anything I tell them.


SFX Note  28:28  

[The echo of "I tell them..." fades out with Scene 11. Scene 12 fades back into the plane. The Horsemen are silent, listening intently.]


Vivian Morrow  28:39  

After that, I just ran out of there. For the next two years, I spent my time running, working for what little I could, and sleeping when I thought it was safe to do so. Eventually, I made it to Argentina, and... Yeah.


Pestilence  28:57  

(clears her throat softly) Do you think it was the Sheriff that, uh...?


War  29:01  

Of course it was.


Vivian Morrow  29:02  

(soft exhale) I looked into it. But he was never found out. I guess he really did have sway over the town.


Famine  29:11  

(emotional) It's... okay, Miss Morrow. (clears throat softly) When we're all ready, we'll make sure he is the first person on our list.


Vivian Morrow  29:23  

(soft laugh, a smile in her voice) Thanks, Max. I'm sorry to waste such a fine drink, Rodrigo, but I think it's best I go to bed. Please don't sit up too long fussing over me, Emilia. Have a pleasant night you three.


SFX Note  29:38  

[Background SFX start to fade.] 


Vivian Morrow  29:40  

When we wake. We hunt Death.

Episode Performed By:

Kayla Valderas as The Mistress.

Conner Goff as Agent Embar.

Roache as War.

Kathryn Stanley as Pestilence.

Moosedup Productions as Famine.

Josh Wells Voices as Zeke Cohen.

 James Duncan as Sheriff Bartley

Hitsosticky as Mrs. Bartley

Taylor Jay as the ER Nurse

Written by Alexander Liddel. 

Produced, Directed, Edited, and Sound Design by Kathryn Stanley.

Transcript reviewed by Caroline Mincks.