The Mistress Files

2. War

July 15, 2020 Dramatically Dapper Season 1 Episode 2
The Mistress Files
2. War
Show Notes Transcript

Agent Embar has been granted special permissions for the interrogation of the suspect. Direct monitoring has been disabled for the room for 1 hour. Prime Director Felton will personally follow up with Agent Embar for updates. -
Episode Performed By: Kayla Valderas as The Mistress and Vivian Morrow, Conner Goff as Agent Embar, JD as War, VoiceofLandis as the Bus Driver, KyzerAndTheVoices as the Market Seller, Datryk Kazurr as the Bank Teller, Samuel "The Right Hand of Doom" Fuentes as Hector, and Jackie R. Lovette as the Bank Customer. - 
Written by Alexander Liddel. - 
Produced, Directed, Edited, and Sound Design by Kathryn Stanley. - 
Music Credits: 
Guiton Sketch by Kevin MacLeod 

SFX Note  0:00

[Scene 1: A tape recorder clicks on. The ever-present clock ticks in the background.]


Agent Embar  0:01  

Okay, they've agreed to your terms.


The Mistress  0:04  

Oh, goody. Now take off these handcuffs and let me escape.


Agent Embar  0:09  

I'm not playing around, Mistress. We've accepted your bargain. Now it's time for you to hold up your end of the deal. Tell me the identity of Mr. Six.


The Mistress  0:20  

Well, of course, Agent. The true identity of Mr. Six is…

[A long pause.]


The Mistress  0:28  


[There is a toy squeaking and a “Baaaa!” from the stuffed doll.]


The Mistress  0:32  

See that? He's even waving at you. How polite! Say hello to Mr. Six, Agent Embar.


Agent Embar  0:41  

(angry) Are you… being serious?


The Mistress  0:44  

Oh, very much so. Can't you see the murderous rage in his beady black eyes? ‘S like a shark’s eyes... when he comes at ya, he doesn’t seem to be livin’.


Agent Embar  0:57  

(frustrated grunt, muttered) So, you want to make this hard? (takes a breath, louder) Let's just start where it all began, shall we?

[He flips open a folder aggressively.]


The Mistress  1:05  

But Ramses has yet to show you his Broadway number. And he worked so hard-


Agent Embar  1:10  

(mockingly) It all started when you ran away from home at the ripe old age of 16. 


The Mistress  01:17

(quietly) Stop.


Agent Embar  1:18

A typical angsty teenager response to, what? Life being too hard?


The Mistress  1:22  

[Her breathing is getting harsher.]

(through gritted teeth) Not another word.


Agent Embar  1:25  

And having to do it all on your own? Oh. That must have been really sad, knowing you couldn’t bring him along with you.


The Mistress  1:31



Agent Embar  1:32

Did you cry for him, when he was lowered into the ground like that? Buried in some random patch of dirt because he couldn't go home? Did it make you sad, little supervillain? 


SFX Note  1:42

[The Mistress’s breathing is fast and angry. Her chains rattle as she heaves herself up to throw the sheep doll at Agent Embar. A squeak and thud are heard as it hits the wall.]


Agent Embar  1:44

(disapproving) Really? After all I did to get you that doll, and you throw it at me for talking about-?


The Mistress  1:48  

Don’t you DARE speak his name as if you knew what he was to me! Don’t defile his memory with your disgusting tongue, or I’ll tear it from that putrid cavern you call a mouth!


SFX Note  2:01

[Agent Embar is shocked into silence.]


Unknown Speaker  2:03  

Oh, I… I’m sorry, Viv-. (stops himself) Mistress.


SFX Note  2:09

[The Mistress is deathly silent.]


Agent Embar  2:15  

Uh. (clears throat) I'm sorry. I let my anger cloud me. I don't mean to disrespect him, or anger you, but… that is where it all began, isn't it? After… (clears throat again) his passing, you disappeared off the grid; a 16-year-old girl, a runaway. And then, five years later, someone rises from the ashes. The Mistress, leading her Four Horseman, taking the world in a frenzy like no other. I'm just curious as to how you got there.


The Mistress  2:54  

(softly) … I wanted to die… I wasn't able to save my friend, and it killed me inside. And so I ran as far as I could. I went Buenos Aires. 


Agent Embar  3:17

South America?


The Mistress   3:18

Yeah... It was something he wanted to do someday. When we were growing up, he said he wanted to get to Ushuaia (OOO-Su-iYA), the southernmost city in the world. It was a goal of his.


Agent Embar  3:35  

But why did you stop in Buenos Aires?


The Mistress  3:39  

Because I found him. War. My first Horseman. 


SFX Note  3:43

[Scene 1 fades out on the echo of “Horseman.” Scene 2 opens in The Past on a busy street in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Music and loud conversation can be heard past the roar of a bus pulling up.]


Bus Driver  4:01  

 Que tenga un buen día señorita.


Vivian Morrow  4:05  

Uh, um. Gracias.


SFX Note  4:06

[Vivian exits the bus. It pulls away from the curb. She walks for a moment down the marketplace, watching and listening.]


Vivian Morrow  4:28  

(talking/muttering to herself) So I guess I have an hour to kill before the next bus. I could try to see the sights, but it’s not really a whole bunch of time. I could- Oh?


Market Seller 4:38  

Buenos días, señorita. [Spanish: Good morning, miss.]


Vivian Morrow  4:43  

Uh, buenos días. Um… ¿Habla inglés? [Spanish: Do you speak English?]


Market Seller  4:47  

Yes, yes, of course. Day is very nice, yes?


Vivian Morrow  4:52  

Yes, it is a wonderful day. Um, can I ask, how much for this stuff sheep?


Market Seller  4:59  

Oh, That is very special. Handmade from local fleece. Perfect for gift. Usually 900 peso, but for a beauty on this day, 600 peso.


Vivian Morrow  5:13  

Oh no, I couldn't take a discount. I'm happy to pay the full price, sir.


Market Seller  5:19  

Please, you remind me of my granddaughter. I insist. Is a present?


Vivian Morrow  5:26  

Sort of. A friend of mine liked to collect stuff toys. It's sort of a tribute, I guess.


Vivian Morrow  5:34  

Ahh, I understand. I gift wrap for you.


Vivian Morrow  5:39  

Thank you, but you don’t… oh. I’m sorry, but where is the nearest bank? I forgot to change my money over.


Market Seller  5:48  

Of course, señorita. Just down the road, turn left, big white building. You can't miss it.


Vivian Morrow  5:55  

Thank you, sir. I'll be right back, I promise.


SFX Note  5:58

[Vivian follows the directions to the bank. She enters into a lobby with a fair amount of people going about their business. She waits in line for the teller.]


Bank Teller  6:10  

¡Próximo! Next, please! [Portuguese: Next!]


Vivian Morrow  6:12

Hello. I want to make an exchange of currency.


Bank Teller  6:15  

Of course, miss. How much would you like to exchange today?


Vivian Morrow  6:18  

Can I do two hundred-


SFX Note  6:18

[There is a loud boom, glass breaking. People scream. Two people walk in through the blasted-out door.]


War  6:18  

NOBODY MOVE AN INCH!! Or else I’ll blast you like this door!!

[Glass crunches underfoot as he walks forward.]

Hands where I can see them. I’d really hate to turn this into a murder. (to the teller) Place all cash into this bag and do so quickly. I am not patient.


Bank Teller  6:34  

Y-yes sir…


Vivian Morrow  6:37 

This guy can’t be serious…


War  6:39  

(addressing the bank) As for you patrons, I think it’s best you just hand over any cash and jewelry so we can all be on our way.


Accomplice (Hector)  6:48

Hey, old man! Didn't you hear him? Pay up or die, cabrón! [Spanish: Literally “male goat”, slang: bastard, asshole, or dumbass.]


Bank Customer  6:52  

Please, ¡señor! My father. He has dementia, he doesn't-


War  6:58  

Hector. Take a couple of steps back.


Accomplice (Hector)  7:01

It’s okay, boss. I've got this. (to the woman) Shut your mouth, ¡puta! Old man, you had better hand over your cash, or I'll happily put you out of your misery. [Spanish: Bitch]


Bank Customer  7:13  

I beg of you. Please do not-

[She yelps, cut off as Hector backhands her across the face.]


Accomplice (Hector)  7:15  

Your choice, geezer. I slit your throat first, or your daughter's. Either way, you’re not making it out of here ali-


SFX Note  7:26

[Hector is cut off as a concussion wave blast shoots his head off his shoulders. Screams erupt from the patrons as his body thuds to the ground.]


War  7:30  

(calmly) Shame. Shoulda listened.


Vivian Morrow  7:34  

Hm. Interesting…


War  7:37  

You! American! You think you are exempt? hand over your… what’s this? That is quite an envelope of cash you’re carrying. I think it might be safer with me. 


Vivian Morrow  7:48



War  7:50

Did you hear me, ¿señorita? Give me the money.


Vivian Morrow  7:54




War  7:56  

(softly, to Vivian) Do you really want to do this? Over such a little amount of cash? (louder, addressing the bank) Ladies and Gentlemen! I wish to introduce you to a little invention of mine. You saw its handiwork for yourselves, as you can notice by the blood splatter that is my old accomplice. This hand-held force projector releases a concise concussive wave akin to 200,000 Newtons of force. Basically, a car crash. A violent one! This wouldn’t just kill you, no, no - this will turn you to mush. If you wish to see a personal demonstration, young lady, please continue to hold on to that money.


Vivian Morrow  8:39



War  8:41

Very well. Your decision.

[Concussion gun powers up once again.]


Vivian Morrow  8:45  

(calmly) I mean, you're the one for decisions, aren’t you? If you truly are the one to create that weapon, then you must have two things: intelligence and backing. That must point to either you’re a fantastic supervillain, or you’re ex-intelligence agency. Seeing as I’ve never heard of you, and you are robbing a single bank, I’m leaning towards the latter. Agência Brasileira de Inteligência if I’m not mistaken? Ex-Inteligência, I’d wager. But why the sudden leave?


War  9:23

That’s none of your business.


Vivian Morrow  9:26

Maybe, but I’d hazard a guess that it’s because they didn’t like your plans. That gun, whilst destructive now, could easily be tweaked to be less… lethal. A non-violent way to incapacitate people. But the Cashmen didn’t like that it costs money, so you left. Which begs the question: Why are you robbing banks?


War  9:49  

(tsks rapidly) I’d bring in the more important question: What makes you think I won’t shoot you right here?


Vivian Morrow  9:54  

Oh, you certainly could. But you won't. 


War  9:57

Oh-ho-ho! Try me, señorita.


Vivian Morrow  10:00

 No need. I have you all figured out. You don't necessarily hate violence, but you do hate needless violence. It's why you robbed this bank on a slow day. It's why you killed your accomplice when he threatened to kill two people for no good reason. And it's why you're going to come with me.


War  10:22  

And, ah, what is the reason I would go with you?


Vivian Morrow  10:28 

Mm. It's a simple choice, really.


Unknown Speaker  10:31  

It’s a simple choice. You can either keep robbing banks here and there, dying as a nobody in history, or you come with me. Be something greater in this world, as we take what needs to be taken, and set right what this world has skewed. I promise you, when this is all over, you will want for nothing.


SFX Note  10:55

[A second of tense silence from War.]


War  10:56  

... you know what, kid? You have cojones. I’m gonna take a chance on you. But if you slip, even for a second, I’ll be waiting. [Spanish: Slang for balls, or guts/courage.]

[He powers the concussion gun down. There is confused whispering in the background from the other people in the bank.]


Vivian Morrow  11:08 

Then I better keep you in line then, shan’t I? Right, first order of business: apologise to the customers and tellers for this mess.


War  11:16

(spluttering) You can't be serious?!


Vivian Morrow  11:18

(firmly) Did I stutter?


War  11:21  

… I am sorry for today. I made many wrong choices, and it has come together into ruining your peaceful day.


Vivian Morrow  11:29  

Good. Now, I still need some pesos. How much do you have, Mr…?


War  11:35  

Rodrigo Martinel, ma’am, at your service. I have a few thousand on hand, a small roll at home.

Very well


Vivian Morrow  11:43  

Very well. Lend me a thousand, grab as much as you can carry, and then meet me back at the bus station in half an hour.

War  11:50

Ah, but… why?


Vivian Morrow  11:52

We’ve got plans to make, of course. And we obviously can’t stick around now that you’ve triggered alarms and all.


War  11:58  

Haha, of course. I will see you there!


SFX Note  11:59

[War and Vivian swiftly run from the bank as sirens approach from the distance. Vivian returns to the Market Seller.]


Market Seller  12:10  

¡Señorita!,  you return! I thought you lost in city.


Vivian Morrow  12:16  

(out of breath) I'm sorry. I was held up at the bank.


Market Seller  12:19  

I have wrapped sheep, as promised!


Vivian Morrow  12:23  

Thank you, señor. I hope this is enough.


Market Seller  12:27  

Uh - This way too much, señorita. Way too much!


Vivian Morrow  12:31  

If the Policía ask, you never spoke with me. Buenos días, señor. [Spanish: Police.]


SFX Note  12:36

[Scene 2 fades on footsteps hurrying away. Scene 3 fades in quickly on Agent Embar speaking in The Present.]


Agent Embar  12:39  

And that’s when you left Argentina with Martinel?


The Mistress  12:42  

Soon enough. There were plans to arrange, tickets to book. We had to lie low seeing as he did attempt to rob a bank, and had just murdered his accomplice. Tends to throw a wrench in most things.


Agent Embar  12:57  

And how did you know he wasn't gonna shoot you?


The Mistress  13:01  

Because I am honestly that convincing.


Agent Embar  13:04

 No, seriously.


The Mistress  13:06  

(chuckles) I am being serious. (her voice drops) Look at how I convinced you to drop your guard and allow yourself to be stuck in an enclosed room with a supervillain... (pauses, delighted) Oh my god, your face is precious! For split second you really believed how much you had screwed up! (laughs) I'm kidding with you, Embar. I made a promise, remember? (soft sigh) If you really must know… I didn't know.


Agent Embar  13:42  

Hm. You didn’t know? This guy was - and still is - a very dangerous man. Rodrigo Martinel, citizen of Uruguay, age 34, was Chief Engineer for Agência Brasileira de Inteligência, the Brazilian Intelligence Agency. He was the best at what he did: developing weapons. Last anyone had heard, he became tired of it all. And somehow, you found him in Argentina.


The Mistress  14:07  

Simple. I gambled, and I won.


Agent Embar  14:12  

You gambled... with an unstable weapon? I took a hit from that gun in its prime; it was like being hit by a 400-pound linebacker. Without padding. The old one blew a guy's head off! You gambled with that?


The Mistress  14:27  

(smiles) It was just luck, it seems.


Agent Embar  14:32  

(sigh) Fair enough. So, what happened next?


The Mistress  14:35  

Well, after recruiting War, we traveled to acquire her. My second Horseman.


[Tape recorder stops.]


Episode Performed By:

Kayla Valderas as The Mistress and Vivian Morrow.

Conner Goff as Agent Embar.

Roache as War.

VoiceofLandis as the Bus Driver.

 KyzerAndTheVoices as the Market Seller.

Datryk Kazurr as the Bank Teller.

Samuel "The Right Hand of Doom" Fuentes as Hector.

Jackie R. Lovette as the Bank Customer. 


Written by Alexander Liddel. 

Produced, Directed, Edited, and Sound Design by Kathryn Stanley.