The Mistress Files

0. Arrested - The Mistress Files Trailer

June 08, 2020 Dramatically Dapper
The Mistress Files
0. Arrested - The Mistress Files Trailer
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Suspect known as "The Mistress" has been apprehended by O.A.S.I.S. Agents. Considered  to be the highest threat level and extremely dangerous. No unauthorized access permitted per the instructions of Prime Director Felton.

Episode Performed By: Kayla Valderas as The Mistress, and Mars West as Prime Director Felton. - 
Written by Alexander Liddel. - 
Produced, Directed, Edited, and Sound Design by Kathryn Stanley. - 
Return to us July 1st, 2020 for the Initial Interview. 

SFX Note  0:00 

[Scene 1: A clock ticking is the only sound in an empty interrogation room.]


SFX Note  0:05 

[Three muffled beeps and a heavy door is opened into the room. Three sets of footsteps can now be heard. Two are heavy and walk normally. The third are lighter, and accompanied by the sound of chains. No one speaks.]


SFX Note  0:14

[There is a heavy thump as The Mistress is sat down in a metal chair by the two OASIS Agents. There are sharp clicks as her legs are cuffed to the legs of the chair, and the sound of metal on metal as her hands are cuffed to the metal table in front of her.]


SFX Note  0:20

[The two sets of footsteps are heard to walk across the room again, faster now without The Mistress between them. The sound of a keycard is heard, followed by the three beeps (sharper now), and the door opens. The Agents leave and the door closes behind them. All is silent again save for the ticking of the clock.]


SFX Note  0:36

[The door opens again, and a man enters. He walks in and the door shuts behind him. He observes the prisoner for a moment.]


Prime Director Felton  0:43

Well, this is a day I never thought I would see. “The Mistress” hands herself into custody.


The Mistress  0:51

Oh, Gary. You’re so old, I never thought you’d live to see the age of DVDs, and yet. Here we are.


Prime Director Felton  0:57

Can the crap, kid. What’s your game?


The Mistress  1:02

(scoffs softly) Hm. Well, usually it’s checkers, but sometimes I get a little wild and play Snakes and Ladders.

[Handcuffs clink on the table as she leans forward to rest her head in a hand while speaking.]


Prime Director Felton  1:09

[There is a bang as he slams his hand on the table.] 

(sharply) Enough! Why did you hand yourself in to us?! Where have your Horsemen gone, and why did they abandon you??


** Producer’s Note: Here some sounds are non-diegetic; their source is not in the room the scene is taking place in. They are echoes, memories of the past that are associated with the Horsemen. They are marked with double brackets [[ ]]**


The Mistress  1:17

(chuckles) Well, 

[She leans back once more.] 

that’s a long story…


 War has - [[Concussion gun charge and blast.]] – probably gone into the wind.


Pestilence – [[Guttural bear roaring.]] – has always had a wild side to her. 


[[Wet choking sounds in the background.]] Famine, on the other hand… [[Blood drips.]] 

Well – [[Wet choking sound stops.]] – who knows what that man is capable of? 


And Death? (pause, then chuckles as she continues) Well, no one knows when Death will show up. So, I felt it’s better late than never to come see my old friends at OASIS.


Prime Director Felton  1:59

Yeah, right. Just sit tight. We’ll have one of our best agents in here to talk with you before we drop you into a concrete pit for the rest of eternity.


The Mistress  2:10

Oh~ Promises, promises. I’m shivering with anticipation over here.


Prime Director Felton  2:17

I bet you are. (muttered) Freaking weirdo kid…


SFX Note  2:18

[As he speaks, he is walking out. The keypad beeps and he leaves, the door shutting behind him. The Mistress leans forward once again, her cuffs clinking on the table, staring intently at the door.]


[[As she says these last lines, a crescendo of sounds rises behind her. Voices, gunfire, explosions, bear roars, screaming, and other sounds all mixed together and growing louder and louder.]]


The Mistress  2:28

Talk… Yes.


[[The sounds grow louder still, deafening.]]


The Mistress  2:40

I have much to talk about.


[[All at once, the sounds are cut off abruptly.]]


Unknown Voice  2:50

Shhh… Do not scream.


Announcer  2:59

“The Mistress Files” by Alexander Liddel. Coming to Apple Podcasts and Spotify July 1st, 2020.


Episode Performed By:

Kayla Valderas as The Mistress.

Mars West as Prime Director Felton. 


Written by Alexander Liddel. 

Produced, Directed, Edited, and Sound Design by Kathryn Stanley.